MEMS inertial integrated navigation is widely used in the field of unmanned machinery Release date:2020-08-11   Browsing volume:545

In recent years, the development of unmanned platforms represented by unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and unmanned ships is in full swing, and the research and development of navigation systems has also entered a fiery stage. The navigation system needs to provide real-time information such as the position, speed, and attitude of the unmanned platform, which is an indispensable guarantee for the realization of autonomy and intelligence. Due to its autonomy, safety and continuity advantages, inertial technology integrates GPS/Beidou to form an inertial integrated navigation system, which shows its unique and irreplaceable nature in the field of autonomous navigation.

MEMS is an important branch of inertial navigation technology. It has the advantages of low cost, small size, low power consumption, and strong impact resistance, which can help the large-scale application of unmanned platform systems. MEMS inertial integrated navigation systems have been applied in many projects such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned ships.

UAV field

UAVs are playing an increasingly important role in various military and civilian fields. In order to grasp position and attitude information in real time, provide detailed data for mission equipment, and realize autonomous navigation control, inertial technology has become an indispensable technical means. The current UAV navigation mainly adopts the method of combining the MEMS inertial navigation system and GPS, which can improve the accuracy of the system and shorten the initial alignment time.

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MEMS inertial navigation can meet the requirements of tactical level, its structure is light and small, and its accuracy is comparable to traditional optical fiber inertial navigation, and it is suitable for different types of UAVs. In the aerospace field, MEMS sensors will replace traditional sensors in a wider range and promote the rapid development of aerospace industry.

Autonomous vehicle field

Unmanned vehicles perceive the external environment through on-board sensors, and obtain vehicle position, posture information, and obstacle information to control vehicle speed, steering, start and stop, etc. When the unmanned vehicle is walking in tall buildings, overpasses or other complex environments, and the GPS signal is blocked and cannot work normally, the accuracy of the inertial navigation system on the unmanned vehicle can meet the needs of the vehicle for autonomous travel in a short time.

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MEMS vehicle-mounted integrated inertial navigation provides infinite possibilities for integrated inertial navigation to install unmanned vehicles, helping the development of unmanned driving.

Unmanned ship field

Because ordinary ship equipment used for border patrol and water quality exploration tasks is more dangerous and costly, the technology of unmanned ships has developed rapidly. Providing unmanned ships with accurate position and attitude information is an important prerequisite for unmanned ships to carry out their work autonomously. Nowadays, the sensors equipped on unmanned ships mainly include GPS, MEMS inertial navigation system and obstacle avoidance radar. With the improvement of the accuracy of MEMS inertial navigation system, the inertial navigation system plays a vital role in obtaining the position and attitude information of unmanned ships.

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MEMS inertial navigation can not only be widely used in marine scientific research and exploration, marine oil and gas exploration and exploitation, maritime security defense and accident rescue, but also can be used in conjunction with other surface platforms, underwater vehicles, drones or with radar and photoelectric sensors. Work collaboratively.

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