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The design and construction of foundation pits are difficult, technically complex, and risky. The foundation pit monitoring inclinometer can monitor foundation pits during foundation pit excavation and underground engineering construction. According to the monitoring data, it can analyze information and feedback, and predict further development and The extent of its impact can be adjusted and improved in time to improve construction methods, formulate emergency measures, ensure project safety, and achieve informatization and systemization.

A large number of examples and theoretical analysis show that the risk of foundation pit engineering has both internal and external factors. The complexity of foundation pit structure, natural environment, construction conditions, groundwater conditions, foundation pit soil, and surrounding buildings are key factors. Traditional monitoring instruments require manual on-site measurement of various parameters on a regular basis. The monitoring workload is large, the cycle is long, and it is restricted by the weather and on-site environment and has certain errors. At the same time, the collected parameters are lagging, and various safety indicators of the project cannot be analyzed in real time. These all affect the safety production and management level of the project. The use of a foundation pit monitoring inclinometer to monitor the deformation of the foundation pit and the surrounding environment can avoid the harm to the foundation pit and the surrounding environment caused by the construction of the foundation pit, thereby providing the required data for the construction and adjustment of the project, and keeping the project in Controllable operating status and safety status.

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Foundation pit monitoring inclinometer is a tool to obtain parameter information, so that the engineering team can make correct decisions for specific targets and current conditions. When choosing an inclinometer, the characteristics of the inclinometer should be reliable, advanced, easy to operate, and cost-effective.

The foundation pit safety monitoring system is a long-term operation. The foundation pit monitoring inclinometer needs to operate in a complex environment in the field in real time. It is an important part of the monitoring system to ensure the reliability of the instrument, avoid damage to the instrument, and fail to perform what it should Function and effect. Although the current inclinometer technology is relatively mature, with the theoretical development of foundation pit engineering design and health monitoring system, in order to meet more functional requirements, as a manufacturer, it should raise its technical requirements and have the pursuit of keeping pace with the times and forward-looking innovation. thinking. After normal operation, the instrument should be easy to manage and operate, that is, to meet the requirements of "humanization", the technical ability of personnel should not be too high, and it is convenient for later updating. When the above principles are met, the cost-effective inclinometer helps to save the project's early investment cost and later maintenance manpower and material resources, and maximize the actual monitoring effect at the optimal cost.

BWM460 is a foundation pit monitoring inclinometer developed and produced by Beiwei Sensing. The measuring range is ±60°, the highest accuracy is 0.005°, and it can work in an environment of -40℃-+85℃.

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The product adopts the latest MEMS technology, high-precision MEMS accelerometer and high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter, built-in automatic compensation and filtering algorithms, which eliminates errors caused by environmental changes to the greatest extent. Convert the change of the static gravity field into the inclination change, and directly output the horizontal inclination value through serial communication. This product is specially developed for the foundation pit scene, with high long-term stability, low temperature drift, simple use, and strong resistance to external interference.

Clarify the requirements and significance of foundation pit monitoring, scientifically arrange and bury foundation pit monitoring inclinometers, summarize and analyze monitoring data, determine reasonable danger alarm values, and improve the accuracy of foundation pit monitoring to ensure the safety and safety of foundation pit construction Long-term stability.

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