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While the electronic compass sensor inherits the traditional pointer principle for direction measurement, it can also send digital signals to control the heading and attitude in real time. As a high-precision and intelligent tool, electronic compass sensors are mostly used in navigation and military fields.

The traditional compass uses the geomagnetic field to determine the north-south direction. In actual application, it is often affected by factors such as dynamic environment and magnetic field interference. Errors often occur. The high-precision electronic compass sensor has high anti-vibration performance and excellent dynamic performance, and can compensate for the signal. With hard magnetic and soft magnetic calibration, it is very suitable for scenes with high heading accuracy.

One of the application fields of electronic compass sensor-unmanned ship
The unmanned ship is equipped with a variety of sensors for operations, among which the function of the electronic compass sensor is navigation and control. Use navigation technology to measure distance, avoid obstacles, and plan route. Control technology is to control the course according to factors such as water flow, wind direction, and forward direction. It is equivalent to steering the rudder to enable the unmanned ship to overcome various interferences and accurately move along the predetermined survey line. , Realize automatic operation and automatic return of unmanned ship. Relying on the electronic compass, the unmanned ship can adjust the course and speed in real time, automatically travel, change lanes, and return.


Application field two-underwater robot
Underwater robots often operate underwater in unfathomable, unexplored sea areas or harsh environments. The application of underwater robots has brought possibilities for applications such as safety search and rescue, pipeline inspection, waterway maintenance, scientific research, and underwater entertainment. Because it is unmanned and equipped with remote control, the underwater robot must have an accurate navigation and positioning system in addition to an automatic control system, a communication system and an environmental detection system. Among them, the electronic compass sensor plays an important role in determining the heading of the underwater robot. In order to accurately reach the work site, the automatic control system and communication system detect the environment, avoid obstacles, and control and adjust its movement. The electronic compass can predict the heading according to the location of the robot and send the information to the central control system for real-time Adjust the course and advance to the destination.


smart phone
The built-in electronic compass in the mobile phone is a magnetic sensor based on the Hall effect, which can measure the direction of the earth's magnetic field. When there is no GPS signal or the signal is unstable, it can indicate the direction for us according to the earth's magnetic field. Although mobile phones now have GPS positioning function, the electronic compass can indicate the direction according to the earth's magnetic field when there is no GPS signal or the signal is unstable. At the same time, GPS can only determine where we are when it is stationary or moving slowly, and has no function of indicating the direction. Mobile phones equipped with electronic compasses will display arrows that can rotate with the orientation of the person and the phone. The electronic compass is more stable and smarter than GPS, and is an important supplement to GPS positioning.


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