Integrated navigation
High Precision FOG Integrated Navigation System GI2100
High Precision FOG Integrated Navigation System GI2100
GI2100 High Precision FOG Integrated Navigation System GI2100 Product Introduction:

The BW-GI2100 is a high-performance, high-precision fiber optic integrated navigation system developed by Bewis for the aerial mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles, sea-based and roadbed. Built-in three-axis fiber optic gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer


Technical Specifications

Input voltage(Vdc): +9~+36

Power(W): 20
Data output format: RS-422

Data refresh rate(Hz): 100
Size (mm): ≤178×184×229.5

Weight (kg): 7
Connector: J30JA1-31TJ/Y11P-1210ZK10

Product Advantages

BW - GI2100 carry the newest integrated navigation sensor fusion algorithm engine. And this optimal design is developed for solving the multipath interference. It can meet the requirements of long time, high precision and high reliability navigation application in the complex environment of city and field. Our product has good expansibility, BW-GI2100 can be added an external GNSS/odometer/DVL/barometric altitude meter and other many kinds of sensors. Because of this, we can use the multi-sensor data fusion technology to combine the info of inertial measurement, satellite navigation, odometer and other senors' data to improve the adaptability and diversity of the system.

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