Integrated navigation
High Precision FOG Integrated Navigation System GI2300
High Precision FOG Integrated Navigation System GI2300
GI2300 High Precision FOG Integrated Navigation System GI2300 Product Introduction:

The BW-GI2300 is a high-performance, high-precision fiber optic integrated navigation system developed by Bewis for the aerial mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles, sea-based and roadbed. Built-in three-axis fiber optic gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer


Technical Specifications

Input voltage(Vdc): +9~+36

Power(W): 20
Data output format: RS-422

Data refresh rate(Hz): 100
Size (mm): ≤178×184×229.5

Weight (kg): 7
Connector: J30JA1-31TJ/Y11P-1210ZK10

Product Advantages

The BW-GI2300 is equipped with a new integrated navigation sensor fusion algorithm engine. It is optimized for multipath interference and can meet the needs of long-term, high-precision and high-reliability navigation applications in urban and outdoor complex environments. The product supports a variety of sensors such as GNSS / odometer / DVL / barometric altimeter and has excellent scalability. It combines inertial measurement with satellite navigation and odometer information through multi-sensor data fusion technology. These can greatly improve the system's geographical adaptability. 

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