2017-10-17you choose the wrong debug software version

the debug software is divided into three types: common protocol, Modbus protocol and CAN protocol. It cannot be mixed.  no correspondence is no data.

Note: The sensor can read the data within 8 or 9 seconds of power-on. After that, the data can not be read. After power-on, it can work another 8 or 9 seconds. Is this a sensor problem? In fact, the answer is No, It is the customer used the wrong debug software. The Modbus protocol sensor can be worked within 10 seconds after power-on, no matter you are using the modbus protocol or the common one,but after 10s,you could only use the Modbus protocol eg : The customer uses the BWM317 (Modbus protocol sensor), but worked on the common protocol, so the data can be read within 8 or 9 seconds after the sensor is powered on, after that, the data cannot be read.

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