2019-03-12What should be noted in the installation and use of the sensor?

1. Never touch the data cable (yellow-green line) to the power supply, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the product. Please protect the insulation if necessary;

2. Fix the sensor with four screws during installation to avoid data hopping caused by shaking;

3. Two sides and two lines should be strictly guaranteed during the installation process to help improve the accuracy of the data;

4. Wiring is carried out according to the product manual, and it is forbidden to connect to the power supply higher than the standard voltage value;

5. If the communication  distance is long, the voltage can be appropriately increased within the working voltage range of the product to reduce the voltage drop of the cable;

6. Do not disassemble the screws of the sensor and the nut of the cable to avoid loss of protection.

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