2019-03-12How to choose Bewis product according to your different demand?

The requirements are usually determined by the following questions:

1. What equipment is your product used for?

If used in static equipment, you can choose the tilt sensor, electronic compass, and attitude reference system;

 if they are used on moving equipment, or if there is a large vibration, such as cars, ships, agricultural machinery, aircraft, and mechanical equipment with strong vibration.we suggest you choose dynamic inclinometer /HEC series digital compass/AHRS series

2. Do you need to measure the horizontal inclination or the heading angle?

If you only measure the horizontal inclination, select the inclination sensor. If you need to measure the heading angle, select the electronic compass. The 3D electronic compass can also measure the horizontal inclination while measuring the heading angle.

3. When the measurement of the heading angle is the sensor installed horizontally or will it produce a certain angle?

Horizontal installation Generally choose 2D electronic compass if the accuracy is not high. If there is angle, choose 3D electronic compass.

4. What measurement accuracy (resolution) do you need?

This combines your needs to find our specific model products.

5. Do you need a continuous output or a switch?

The switch selects the tilt switch.

6. Do you need analog or digital?

The analog quantity is the product that selects the current or voltage output.

7. What kind of interface do you need?

RS232, RS485, CAN, 422 (customized) interfaces are available.

8. What kind of digital output products do you need in the form of a protocol?

Available in hexadecimal and MODBUS protocols

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