Based on IMU sensor technology, customized human rehabilitation trainers Release date:2020-09-14   Browsing volume:1553

IMU sensor technology is developing rapidly, and its theory is becoming more mature, and it is gradually applied in the field of medical rehabilitation. The derived IMU rehabilitation training system has the advantages of low power consumption, good portability, and low cost, and automatically records raw data, archives, and forms analysis reports, which greatly reduces the pressure on professionals and is a gospel for rehabilitation patients.

The training system consists of a series of IMU sensors, PC terminals, cloud servers, and mobile APP. The raw data is measured through IMU, the body posture information is calculated through the main control module, and functions are selected through the button module, including guidance mode and training mode. The wireless transmission module transmits the original data and the calculated posture data to the PC, and integrates and analyzes the received data. According to the original data and posture data received from the patient's local storage, upload them to the cloud server for storage. Generate periodic data analysis and training result analysis, and produce paper and electronic reports for doctors to archive and reference. Users can access the cloud server through the mobile APP for real-time monitoring and cloud access to exercise data and analysis reports.


The guidance mode and training mode are composed of images and voices. In the guidance mode, the screen displays the correct training method for the currently selected content and explains the main points of the rehabilitation training content to help the rehabilitation trainer learn or become familiar with the training content quickly. In training mode, the IMU sensor measurement module and related posture data calculated by posture are displayed respectively, as well as the current training posture. At this time, if the posture data of the rehabilitation training matches the related data of the training content, relaxing music is played. If the posture data of the rehabilitation training does not match the relevant data of the training content, it indicates that there is a problem in the rehabilitation training, and the problem part is marked in red on the screen to remind the user.

Based on IMU sensor technology, researched and applied in the medical field, the derived rehabilitation training system monitors training in real time in the form of data, and provides training and guidance to trainers in a visual and auditory manner, without the need for professionals to conduct one-to-one or one-to-one training. The guidance of many has greatly saved medical resources. Perform training analysis in the form of data, generate each training report and phased training report, and store real-time training data in local archives and cloud server storage to facilitate the extraction of archives.

Our country has a large population base and a large number of pos erative patients. Rehabilitation training is the only way for patients to return to normal life. However, medical resources are relatively small and unevenly distributed, and not all patients can receive professional and timely guidance. Rehabilitation training is a long and gradual and difficult process. The huge amount of rehabilitation after surgery often discourages many patients. Human exploration has promoted the advancement of modern IoT technology, and the public has benefited from modern science and technology. This is scientific research. Meaning.

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