C919 six test planes successfully completed the test flight! BWSENSING escorts it soaring! Release date:2022-07-29   Browsing volume:1223

    On July 19, six test aircrafts of COMAC C919 airliner successfully completed all test flights!

    BWSENSING has contributed our own technological strength to provide COMAC with "Rudder Surface Measurement System" to ensure the aircrafts soar in the blue sky!


    BWSENSING "Rudder Surface Measurement System" provides accurate measurement for 30 main control surfaces of the aircraft. It abandons the traditional calibration method, provides a fast calibration method, solves the problem of high-precision measurement of the rudder, ensures the accuracy when the sensitive axis cannot be aligned with the measured axis, overcomes the difficulty of solving the installation error of the rudder surface, and effectively ensures the flight safety of the aircraft.

    The system adopts the axial angle sensor independently developed by BWSENSING, which can automatically correct the installation error and is suitable for the rapid calibration of the relative angle. It has the advantages of high stability, small temperature drift and strong anti-interference ability. Wireless communication through WiFi enables dynamic real-time measurement of multiple nodes and ensures the reliability and real-time performance of 30 channels at the same time.

    As a high-quality supplier to many aircraft manufacturers such as COMAC, BWSENSING will continue to provide high-performance products to escort aircraft flying safely!



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