BWSENSING Supports Monitoring of Old Residential Buildings in Beijing. Release date:2024-03-12   Browsing volume:136


Monitoring the safety of old residential buildings is an important component of production safety and disaster prevention. It also serves as a crucial approach in innovating social governance structures and enhancing the precision of urban management. To thoroughly implement the national strategy for redeploying, promoting, and actualizing safety and prevention work, Beijing's Housing and Urban-Rural Development Commission organized a comprehensive "health check" for old neighborhoods to assess their "health" status, aiming to continuously improve the urban living environment and modernize the city's quality, thus creating "safe, smart, healthy, and caring" old communities.


In October 2023, Guanghua Li Community in Chaoyang District, Beijing, announced the launch of an old residential buildings monitoring project to address issues such as the excessive age of most buildings, exceeding their lifespan, and severe lack of property management. To ensure residents' safety, the community decided to include 10 old buildings in the first phase of the monitoring project, utilizing solutions provided by BWSENSING. The products used in this project include inclinometers, displacement observation balls (GNSS + video), integrated wireless crack meters, and a monitoring cloud platform, etc.


This project, using a range of products from BWSENSING and incorporating IoT technology, big data, and artificial intelligence, comprehensively monitors the structural defects and hidden dangers of 10 buildings. Inclinometers provide real-time monitoring of building tilts, displacement observation balls offer comprehensive, real-time displacement data using GNSS and video technology, integrated wireless crack meters precisely monitor crack changes to identify structural issues promptly, and the monitoring cloud platform integrates information for comprehensive, real-time monitoring and early warning.


The project combines technical and human defenses, with manual inspections complementing remote monitoring through smart technology, achieving accurate early warnings. This means that we can not only achieve comprehensive monitoring of old buildings through IoT technology but also identify potential issues through manual inspections in a timely manner. The application of big data and artificial intelligence makes the warnings more accurate, enhancing the level of safety for residents.


 (Real-time monitoring on BWSENSING'S cloud platform)

Ran, the Account Manager of BWSENSING, stated that the implementation of this monitoring plan aims to protect the life and property of community residents. By utilizing the advanced smart sensing technology of BWSENSING products, a more secure and reliable living environment will be provided for the residents. Furthermore, the project advances the informatization system construction for the renovation of old communities in Guanghua Li, Chaoyang District. By employing scientific, digital, and informational means, and adhering to a problem-oriented and demand-driven philosophy, a smart application platform for old communities in Chaoyang District is being developed to create a "unified network, shared safety" smart community system. This extends the role of the digital base of smart cities, utilizing emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT, CIM, and edge computing to fully integrate information resources, address weaknesses, reinforce the foundation of housing safety, improve the efficiency of fiscal funds, and enhance urban governance and public service capabilities.

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