Bridge main beam displacement and tower tilt monitoring solution
Bridge main beam displacement and tower tilt monitoring solution

Owing to the long-term effects of natural environment factors and labor loss, it is often possible that Bridges are unsafe. It is necessary to establish a standard and perfect monitoring system to avo


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A lot of practice has proved that the inclinometer (tilt sensor) plays an important role in guaranteeing the safe operation of the bridge, which is an important technical means for long-term monitoring of the healthy state of the bridge. As a leading enterprise of tilt sensor industry, BEWIS has provided a tilt sensor for hundreds of long Bridges around the world, including su jiao ke, zhongsho group, Chinese academy of iron, and industrial Telekomunikasi.

In bridge safety monitoring, Angle sensor is usually decorated on the bridge deck and bridge tower, to respectively to measure the deformation of bridge under the load and evaluate the integrity and stability of the bridge structure. Among them, the bridge deck deformation monitoring main purpose is to determine the stiffness of bridge in the vertical direction and the structure bearing capacity and so on important technical parameters, which are the Bridges appraisal, key reference index in the process of transformation and xinqiao acceptance. Bridge tower is a need to adopt measure Angle sensor, the bridge tower tilted values to a certain extent, reflects the integrity and stability of the bridge structure is affected, which will harm the safety of Bridges.

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