Dangerous house monitoring solutions
Dangerous house monitoring solutions

Building quality detection is to use some technical means and methods, based on the existing building quality (rather than the quality of projects under construction), especially for the structure det


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The crack deformation of architectural structure is a common technical problem at home and abroad, and most of the structural damage and collapse are due to the deformation of the building from the crack. Structure of slope deformation are the main characteristics of the lead to instability of collapsed buildings, especially the integrity of poor or have damaged homes, the internal stress distribution, once the deformation, internal stress to change quickly, local bearing structure after the failure of other parts will be jointly and severally quickly collapsed.

Although according to the conventional method can testing and observation of the house, but as a result of artificial monitoring cycle is long, great error, and can't realize the dynamic data analysis, lead to housing security is difficult to get effective guarantee. These problems can be avoided by using an automated acquisition program, and the inclination sensor method is the most advanced monitoring method at present. The tilt sensor has the function of continuous reading, automatic recording and digital transmission. When monitoring the upper level of the building, the sensor can be placed on the roof of the building or on the floor of the floor that needs to be observed. When the monitoring base is tilted, the sensor can be placed on the base surface to reflect and analyze the degree of change of the building slanting with the horizontal inclination of the measured floor or base level.

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