RTK tilting measurement solution
RTK tilting measurement solution

RTK (Real time kinematic) technology, carrier phase difference is real-time processing of two measuring station carrier phase observation quantity difference method, base station acquisition of carrie


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GPS measurements before both static, fast static and dynamic measurement afterwards for solving hard to centimeter level accuracy, and RTK is able to get cm-level real-time positioning accuracy in the field of measuring methods, it USES the dynamic real-time carrier phase difference method, is a major milestone in GPS application, it appeared as the project lofting, topographic mapping, various control survey brought a new dawn.

BEWIS cooperation partners launched RTK tilt attitude algorithm solution, using the navigation position reference sensor, dynamic measuring roll Angle and pitching Angle and azimuth Angle, in the survey work, users don't need strictly to the point, again after the built-in attitude sensor can according to the center pole automatically coordinate correction tilt Angle and azimuth, getting the right bottom coordinates, greatly improve the working efficiency.

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