High support mode monitoring alarm solution
High support mode monitoring alarm solution

Through to the big template support system template settlement, bracket deformation factors such as real-time monitoring, can realize real-time monitoring, overrun warning, danger alarm monitoring tar


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Of housing and urban-rural development of the big template support system for construction project construction safety guidelines for the supervision and administration of definition: big template support system refers to the construction site for construction project concrete member templates support height more than 8 m, or erection of span more than 18 m, or construction total load is greater than 15 kn / ㎡, or concentrated line load is greater than 20 kn/m formwork support system; The height is greater than or equal to 4.5m template and its supporting system; The safety accident of high support mode is mainly the failure of the steel components in the system of high support or deformation, which causes the local collapse of the high support mode or the whole capsizing, resulting in the casualties of the operation personnel.

BEWIS partner rock in wuhan science and technology co., LTD., research and development of high real-time monitoring alarm system hardware equipment, has a high modulus template settlement, poling axial force, Angle bar, the horizontal displacement of four parameters to support high frequency automatic acquisition, real-time wireless transmission, data processing analysis and the sound and light alarm function, using high frequency sampling to realize real-time continuous monitoring of the entire field sound and light alarm, second response, automatic trigger mechanism to realize real-time alarm and alarm, remind workers in emergency evacuation danger zone, effectively reduce the construction safety risk.

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