"Smart Tower" product solution wins market favor Release date:2020-12-17   Browsing volume:4436

On December 17, the "intelligent tower assembly" product solution made another success and successfully entered the field of transmission tower assembly in Chongqing. Since the second half of 2020, the program has achieved new breakthroughs in market expansion, won the trust of customers and the favor of the market, and enhanced the company's brand influence.


The transmission line tower is an important support for the new power infrastructure, and the safety vision of the assembly of various towers is related to the life safety of the operators. Traditional steel tower assembly construction requires simple management methods, simple monitoring equipment, lack of objective and reliable data to guide management and operation behavior, high safety risks, low reliability, and it is urgent to use intelligent technology to solve safety problems.

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In order to solve the problem of safety vision of high-altitude operations, monitor the assembly process of the tower in real time, and ensure the safe construction of the suspended pole-mounted tower, we have customized development for the pole-mounted tower operation site, and launched the wireless tension sensor, wireless inclination sensor, handheld machine, and infrastructure. The new "intelligent tower assembly" pole-holding operation safety status perception scheme with the process integrated digital management platform as the core, through real-time perception of multiple parameters such as stress and angle of key nodes in the process of tower assembly, with the collection, storage, comparison and The powerful functions of long-distance transmission, real-time analysis, and safety protection for tower climbing operations realize real-time monitoring of the safety status of pole-holding operations and risk warning, and improve the intrinsic safety level of the tower assembly process.

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