Bridge Safe &Health monitoring of Qingbai River Bridge Release date:2021-07-09   Browsing volume:585

       Last year, the upstream of the Qingbai River Bridge in Sichuan was affected by continuous flooding, which led to the increase in the erosion depth of the bridge pile foundation and the collapse of the slope. There were potential safety hazards. Real-time monitoring is imperative. However, manual monitoring is defective and unstable. It is necessary to use modern Internet technology to install inclination sensors on bridge decks, pylons, and piers to automatically monitor the health of the bridge in real time. When the monitored object has an angle deviation, the inclinometer can detect the angle data in time, then the alarm can be issued to avoid disasters.

     Nowadays, several sets of BWSENSING inclinomters have been installed on the Qingbai River Bridge, which have the advantages of low power consumption, high precision of 0.001°, full temperature compensation, high stability, and can resist external electromagnetic interference, have strong shock and vibration ability, and guarantee the sensor under various harsh environments, conduct efficient, long-term and reliable safety monitoring of bridges.



         Through the systematic monitoring of the bridge by BWSENSING inclinometers, the mechanical stability and integrity of the repaired Qingbai River Bridge in the operating state are evaluated, which provides a scientific basis for future traffic planning.

         BWSENSING has rich field application experience in bridge monitoring. It is used in the health monitoring of Beipan River Bridge, Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, Guizhou Yachi River Bridge, Tianjin Binhai Bridge and other bridge health monitoring. BWSENSING inclinometers are used to ensure the safety of bridges.

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