A successful case study: The application of BWSENSING inclinometers on the Chengdu-Ya'an Railway Release date:2023-05-24   Browsing volume:249

To ensure the safety of construction during the first phase of Chengdu Okay Pharmaceutical Co Ltd’s technology and capacity upgrade project, the bridge pilings of the 92nd, 93rd, 94th, 95th and 96th sections of the Chengdu-Ya’an Railway have been equipped with Bwsensing inclinometers, which have played a key role. By monitoring the horizontal displacement of the bridge pilings in real time, the early warning mechanism can detect potential problems in a timely manner and take measures to reduce risks and ensure construction safety.

During the construction process, the effects of mechanical construction vibration and rainfall, etc., may cause structural stress re-allocation in the area, leading to irreversible deformation and endangering the safety and smooth operation of the Chengdu-Ya'an Railway section. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the bridge pilings affected by construction to grasp their deformation situation and take corresponding measures to prevent risks.


The Bwsensing inclinometer has the characteristics of high accuracy, high reliability, and long stability, and can function normally under severe environmental conditions. The real-time monitoring and early warning mechanism provided by the inclinometer enable engineering personnel to detect potential problems promptly and take measures to reduce risks, ensuring the safety of construction.

According to the information, the Bwsensing inclinometers played a key role in ensuring the safety of the Chengdu-Ya'an Railway section, ensuring the safety of the construction process of the railway section through effective monitoring and early warning mechanisms. The successful implementation of this project provides beneficial experience for similar projects and further enhanced the reputation and influence of Bwsensing in the field of railway engineering monitoring.



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