BWSENSING supported C919 to successfully complete its first commercial flight! Release date:2023-05-30   Browsing volume:1434


C919 is the first domestically developed mainline passenger aircraft in China and  it also makes a significant breakthrough in China's aviation industry. On May 28, 2023, C919 successfully completed its first commercial flight, achieving an important milestone in China's aviation history. In the first commercial flight of C919, BWSENSING's rudder surface measurement system played an indispensable role and provided valuable contributions to the development of China's aviation industry.

BWSENSING is a leading sensor manufacturer in China, focusing on the research, development, production, and sale of inclinometer and sensor systems. During the maiden flight of C919, BWSENSING's rudder surface measurement system performed remarkably well, providing high-accuracy rudder surface measurement system with precise measurement and real-time monitoring. The system, which has high reliability, stability and precision, also innovated and proposed an automatic correction of installation error suitable for relative angle calibration, improving the accuracy of angle testing. This helped aviation maintenance engineers understand the status of aircraft's rudder and provided reliable technical support for the safety performance and flight quality of the aircraft. (For more information on this project: C919's six test aircraft complete successful flight testing! North Micro Sensing flies with them!)


According to the "Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Report 2022" which is released by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, C919 has accumulated 32 customers and 1,035 orders worldwide. This data shows the strong momentum of China Airlines in the large aircraft market, and it also provides great business opportunities for related suppliers. As one of the key suppliers for C919's assembly and flight control measurement system, BWSENSING is rapidly growing and winning the market recognition.

BWSENSING's general manager assistant, Mr. Ruan, said, "We are proud to be able to participate in the C919 project and provide them with the rudder surface measurement system. BWSENSING has always been committed to developing and providing high-quality aviation measurement solutions to contribute to the safety flight and industrialization development of aircraft. We will continue to work closely with China Airlines to promote innovation and development of China's aviation industry."

In addition, during the aircraft production and assembly stage, BWSENSING's equipment, such as inclinometer sensors, was assembled on the frame, achieving intelligent online monitoring through the equipment. Through the company's internal network, factory workers could access real-time changes about foundation changes, temperature changes, and stress changes of the tooling frame. This enabled dynamic precise leveling and ensured the efficiency of aircraft production and assembly. This application won the Gold Award of World Internet of Things Expo in 2018 which was held by the China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it was a significant breakthrough for BWSENSING in the aerospace field.


It is reported that BWSENSING's rudder surface measurement system will also be applied to other types of aircraft and spacecraft, contributing positively to the development of China's aviation industry. At the same time, BWSENSING will continue to focus on the development and promotion of inertia sensor technology, providing high-performance and high-quality sensors to more different fields.

The successful completion of the maiden commercial flight of C919 not only marks a great victory for China's aviation industry but also achieves an important milestone for technological innovation in China. BWSENSING, as a leading enterprise in the field of aviation sensor technology, has played a positive role in promoting the development of aviation industry of China. It is believed that in the future, China will continue to emerge with new innovative technologies and products, and BWSENSING's market prospect will mutually promote the prosperity of China's aviation industry, and make greater contributions to promoting world technology progress and prosperity.



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