BWSENSING Went to Changchun to Strengthen Cooperation with FAW Release date:2023-08-11   Browsing volume:187


On August 7th, under the careful organization and leadership of Wuxi Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, BWSENSING went to Changchun to visit and communicate with its representative enterprises, including Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP), China FAW, CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. and Sinotest Equipment Co.,Ltd., conducted a symposium on industrial matching, and conducted in-depth discussions on the company's research and development direction and technical needs.

Among them, in order to deepen the cooperation in the automobile industry chain and promote the high-quality development of my country's automobile and parts industry, representatives of BWSENSING were invited to visit the manufacturing plants of China's automobile manufacturing giants FAW Jiefang and Hongqi, and held a conference on the automobile and parts industry. The symposium conducted further discussions on the sustainable development of the automobile industry and the joint creation of a new future for the automobile industry.

As a leading company in the inclinometer industry, the inertial inclinometers developed and produced by BWSENSING serve more than 5,000 customers around the world in the fields of intelligent driving, IoT structure monitoring, and automation. As an important enterprise in China's motor industry, FAW Jiefang has been committed to the innovation and development of the auto manufacturing industry. The future cooperation between the two parties will be carried out in the fields of automotive intelligence, high-level assisted driving, and Internet of Vehicles, and strive to jointly promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

At the symposium, FAW Jiefang Group expressed a warm welcome to BWSENSING and had a strong interest in its self-developed sensor technology, including the cost-effective integrated navigation GI320, which uses loosely coupled integrated navigation technology, combining IMU and Deep integration of RTK calculation and observational preprocessing can provide real-time high-precision navigation parameters such as position, speed and attitude; and the low-cost CAN bus micro-inertial navigation system MINS225 series is a low-cost product developed and produced by Beiwei Sensing. The MEMS inertial navigation system can automatically calculate the azimuth, roll angle, pitch angle, angular velocity, acceleration, Euler angle, and quaternion of the measured carrier through acceleration and angular velocity information without relying on external signal input. It is suitable for inertial attitude measurement in various states of motion, vibration or static.


The representative of BWSENSING said that BWSENSING as a leading inertial sensor technology company in China, has advanced sensor technology, which can be widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing, such as intelligent driving, body posture perception, etc., and the future cooperation with FAW Jiefang will achieve complementary advantages and jointly promote the innovation and development of the automobile industry. The cooperation between the two parties will have broad development prospects.

The success of this symposium marks the further progress of BWSENSING in the field of transportation and logistics, and will bring more cooperation results and innovative achievements in the future, injecting new impetus into the development of China's automobile industry. In the future, close cooperation with automobile manufacturers will jointly promote the transformation of China's automobile industry from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" and from "quantity" to "quality".



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