Collapse Accidents Happen Frequently! BWSENSING Inclinometer to be Used in Building Monitoring Release date:2023-08-14   Browsing volume:136

Recently, a three-storey idle building in Nancha County, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province partially collapsed during repair and construction. This accident caused 4 deaths and 4 injuries. In South Korea, the top floor of a building under construction  also collapsed, killing 2 people and injuring 4 others. With the frequent occurrence of collapse incidents, all walks of life have increasing concerns about the safety of building structures, including long-term natural wear and tear, aging of building materials, and improper use. Therefore, measures should be taken to strengthen house monitoring, so that accidents can be early warned and avoid casualties.


(Photo of the collapse accident in Heilongjiang)

It is understood that the traditional house monitoring method has certain limitations, consumes a lot of manpower and time, and cannot monitor small changes in the house structure in real time, resulting in potential risks that cannot be discovered and resolved in time. Therefore, the inclinometers of BWSENSING has also become a high-profile solution. As the world's leading manufacturer of inertial sensors, BWSENSING has made great progress in the field of inclination sensors. It is a sensor device with high precision and high stability. It can measure the inclination of structures in real time. Once abnormal inclination is found, it will send out an early warning signal in time to provide key data support for accident prevention, so that relevant departments can timely take countermeasures to avoid the recurrence of similar tragedies as soon as possible.

In March 2016, BWSENSING began to conduct regular inspections and data monitoring of old community houses under the management of Jinping Street, Fenghua District (formerly Fenghua City), Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. , the data was abnormal in many places, and the defects of the house continued to develop. In November of the same year, the relevant units organized the evacuation of all local personnel and continued to monitor the data of the house. The house here collapsed on August 24, 2019 without earthquakes or geological disasters. Due to real-time data monitoring and early warning mechanism, all personnel were evacuated before the house collapsed, so no casualties occurred. It is reported that the project applied BWM826, is a cost-effective dual-axis inclinometer developed and produced by BWSENSING, which adopts MEMS technology and digital output. The measuring range is ±30°, the highest accuracy is 0.005°, and the working temperature is -40°C-+85°C. The product uses a high-precision MEMS accelerometer and a high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter, with built-in automatic compensation and filtering algorithms, which largely eliminates errors caused by environmental changes. Convert the change of the static gravity field into the change of the inclination angle, and directly output the horizontal inclination value through the digital method. This product has high long-term stability, low temperature drift, simple use, and strong ability to resist external interference. It is a recommended choice for measurement industries such as surveying and mapping, industrial automation, etc.


(Photo of the house safety monitoring project in Xiaoshan City)

The inclination sensor of BWSENSING is not only suitable for large buildings such as gymnasiums, but also widely used in old house monitoring, bridge monitoring, slope monitoring, tower pole monitoring and other projects. Its compact design and highly accurate measurement performance enable it to be easily installed in key parts of the building, monitor the inclination in real time and upload the data to the platform, so that relevant personnel can find problems at the first time and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

In the face of frequent building structure safety accidents, governments will attach great importance to building monitoring in the future, and actively introduce advanced technical means, such as the inclination sensor of BWSENSING, to improve the safety of building structures, monitoring capabilities to minimize the occurrence of similar accidents.

BWSENSING said that they will continue to research and develop the production of high-quality inclination sensors, and continuously promote the innovation of house monitoring technology. At the same time, they also called on relevant government departments and construction companies to strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the widespread application of inclination sensors to improve the safety level of urban buildings and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

In the future, the inclination sensor of BWSENSING will surely play an increasingly important role in the field of housing monitoring and escort the building safety.




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