BWSENSING Inclinometer: Tower Monitoring Guards Sichuan Radio and Television Transmitter Release date:2023-08-28   Browsing volume:443


In May of this year, BWSENSING assisted the Sichuan Radio and Television Transmitting Station to complete an important technical upgrade, and successfully installed the BWSENSING Inclination Sensors Intelligent Tower Monitoring System, which provid real-time monitoring and data support for the operation status of the radio and television transmitting station. This move will provide more efficient meansures for the operation and maintenance management and troubleshooting of radio and television transmitting stations, and further guarantee the transmission quality and stability of radio and television signals.

BWSENSING is one of leading companies focusing on inertial sensing technology, providing high-precision, high-reliability sensor solutions. The company is committed to providing innovative sensor technology to various industries to meet the different needs. Its technical products are widely used in mechanical equipment, automation, intelligent monitoring (geological disasters, bridges, roads, fans, towers, etc.), providing customers with accurate and stable data support.

In the past, the operation and maintenance of the launch pad required a lot of time and manpower, and problems were often discovered only after equipment failures. However, after introducing the technology and products of BWSENSING, through the real-time monitoring and analysis of the data, and after the collected data is transmitted to the designated terminal equipment platform through the network, the operation and maintenance personnel can check the state through the real-time monitoring system. View equipment status and identify and resolve potential issues timely, enabling more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting. In addition, the inclinometer also has an early warning function, which can quickly identify and respond to any potential problems or abnormalities. The early warning mechanism can help operation and maintenance personnel quickly respond and deal with the tower, minimizing service interruption time.

In this solution, the BWM427 installed on the top of the launch pad tower is a cost-effective dual-axis inclinometer with MEMS technology and digital output. It has a measuring range of ± 90° and a full-scale accuracy of 0.01° and an operating temperature of -40℃~+85℃. The product uses a high-accuracy MEMS accelerometer and a high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter with built-in automatic compensation and filtering algorithms to reduce errors caused by environmental changes. It measures the change of static gravitational field and converts it into angle change. The change directly outputs the horizontal angle value through digital mode. It has high long-term stability, small temperature drift, simple use and strong resistance to external interference. It apply to military equipment, industrial automation, surveying and mapping, etc.


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The BWH527 installed at the bottom of the launch pad is a Dual-axis high-precision inclinometer with MEMS technology and voltage output launchedby Bewis. It has a measurement range of ± 30° and an accuracy of up to 0.003°. It is a cost-effectiveproduct. The product uses a high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter with built-inautomatic compensation and filtering algorithms to reduce errors caused by environmental changes. Thisproduct adopts the principle of non-contact measurement, through measuring the change of the staticgravity field, it is converted into the change of the inclination angle, and the change directly outputs thecurrent attitude angle through the voltage method. It is simple to use, small in size, resistant to external electromagnetic interference, and strong in vibration and impact. The recommended choice forinclination measurement in industries such as industrial automation, surveying and mapping!



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It is also equipped with LR-WM410 long-distance low-power wireless inclination sensor, which is a miniaturized intelligent digital inclination sensor independently developed and produced by BWSENSING, specially designed for structural health monitoring. Built-in disposable dry battery (rechargeable battery is optional), can automatically enter low-power sleep mode, and can be used for up to 5 years without replacing the battery (send data once an hour). The product has remote control and management functions, star network networking, and data can enter the cloud through the LoRa gateway. And all modules adopt ultra-low power consumption design, the sleep current is lower than 6μA, and can enter the working state by timing wake-up and motion wake-up mode. The sensitive mechanism of the product adopts the inclination unit of the latest micro-electromechanical production process, which is small in size, low in power consumption, high in consistency and stability, and the acquisition frequency can be set by itself. Since it is a digital inclination sensor module, the linearity is easier to correct ; Its working temperature reaches the industrial level -40℃~+85℃, which can meet the needs of high-precision and long-term monitoring.

In the past, it mainly relied on manual inspection and regular maintenance, which had the disadvantages of time delay and human omissions. With the introduction of BWSENSING sensor technology, this monitoring gap has been filled and the operation and management level of the launch pad has been greatly improved. Sichuan Radio and TV transmitters will also reach new heights in equipment monitoring and maintenance.


In this regard, the management department of Sichuan Radio and Television Transmitting Station spoke highly of the inclinometers of BWSENSING. They said that the introduction of BWSENSING Sensor is to adapt to the development trend of information technology and improve the automation management level of the launching station. First of all, real-time monitoring can help discover potential problems, take timely measures to avoid failures, and ensure the continuity and stability of broadcast TV signals. Secondly, the accumulation and analysis of monitoring data will help to formulate a more scientific and reasonable maintenance plan and improve the reliability and life of equipment. Finally, the application of BWSENSING sensor system will reduce the workload of manual inspection, reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency.

In the future, Sichuan Radio and Television Transmitting Station will continue to maintain cooperation with BWSENSING to jointly promote technological innovation and development. The inclination sensor technology of BWSENSING has not only been successfully applied in the Sichuan radio and television transmitting station, but also set up a benchmark in the field of intelligent tower monitoring. The successful application of this equipment and technology has further established the position and level of BWSENSING in the field of intelligent tower monitoring. We firmly believe that under the leadership of BWSENSING, the technological level in the field of intelligent monitoring will have a qualitative leap in the future.



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