BWSENSING will Exhibit at CeMAT ASIA WORLDWIDE 2023, Show the Innovative Technology for Logistics Release date:2023-10-19   Browsing volume:152

BWSENSING will be exhibiting at CeMAT ASIA WORLDWIDE 2023 from 24-27 October, showcasing its latest innovative technologies and solutions. As one of the leading companies in the field of smart sensing, BWSENSING will showcase its latest inclinometers, as well as our extensive industry experience in IoT, automation, intelligent driving, etc.!


Exhibition Highlights:


  • Intelligent Sensing Devices: BWSENSING will display a series of intelligent sensing devices, including high-precision integrated navigation GI320, wireless inclination sensor, etc., relying on high-precision, high-reliability data to monitor the angle of the object and so on.

  • Solutions: We will show our intelligent sensing solutions in the field of logistics, including unmanned vehicles, AGVs, storage racks, cargos and other projects.

  • Case Sharing: BWSENSING will share our cases to in various fields.

  • Communication and Consultation: During the exhibition, our professional team will provide consultation services to discuss your specific needs and provide customizable solutions.


BWSENSING is looking forward for your arrival!




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