BWSENSING Joins Hands with Southeast University to Create a New Chapter of Intelligence. Release date:2024-01-30   Browsing volume:102


On January 24, BWSENSING and Southeast University (SEU for short) successfully held a smart sensors donation and opening ceremony for BWSENSING becomes postgraduate practice base of SEU.


The sensors donated by BWSENSING to Southeast University has advanced inertial attitude sensing technology, providing high-precision sensing equipment for the teacher-student team. This donation not only injects new vitality into the scientific research projects of the college, but also provides strong support for the development of related industries.


Wang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Instrument Science and Engineering of Southeast University, said that in the future, the two parties will jointly conduct research on key issues in the field of intelligent driving, and have in-depth discussions on the improvement of motion control capabilities of humanoid robots, and how to promote smart medical technology.


In additional, BWSENSING has signed a graduate practice base agreement with Southeast University. Dr. Shi, Chairman of BWSENSING, said that this cooperation will provide Southeast University graduate students with broader practical opportunities, allowing them to apply the knowledge they have learned in real social projects and improve their practical abilities. Both parties will jointly build more internship and employment platforms for students, promoting a closer integration of industry, academia and research.


The cooperation between BWSENSING and Southeast University is not only a strategic cooperation between the two parties in the field of scientific research, but also a common goal of cultivating high-level talents and promoting scientific and technological innovation. Both parties will work together to pursue outstanding results in scientific research and teaching, contribute to the development of China's instrument science and engineering field, and achieve a good cooperation situation of mutual benefit and win-win.

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