The BWSENSING Annual Conference successfully held, let’s start a new journey! Release date:2024-02-04   Browsing volume:107

On January 27, BWSENSING's large-scale annual meeting came to a successful conclusion, which means the beginning of BWSENSING's new year's journey. The theme of this annual meeting is "Working Together, Creating a Future Together", and the agenda is divided into two parts: the year-end report and the dinner party. During the day, various departments gave work reports, summarized their work in 2023 and planned their work in 2024. The dinner party was filled with various exciting programs and the rich lottery draws.


Work report: The team works together to create a better future


In the work report, each team leader took turns to share a summary of their work in the past year and the efforts of team members, existing problems were also pointed out. At the same time, future development plans and strategies were proposed. Each department demonstrated their outstanding performance in the past year to the entire company with detailed data summary.


At the meeting, the general manager of BWSENSING also made an annual summary of the company's development in 2023, and gave the working ideas for future - "Seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through advancement, and seizing opportunities.", striving to build an ecological alliance steadily, and aim at innovating new products in the future such as smart travel and unmanned smart equipment.



Dinner party: wonderful programs and surprises


As night falls, the dinner party begins. Talent shows brought by different departments, and the exciting performances made the whole audience excited. Many employees also showed their different talents and their teamwork spirit.


The lucky draw during the dinner became the focus of audience. The rich prizes included various electronic products, snack gift packs, etc., so that every employee came away with a prize.


BWSENSING's annual grand conference is an opportunity to showcase the team's style and inspire employees' passion. This annual meeting not only narrowed the distance between departments, but also allowed each employee to have a deeper understanding of the company's overall development direction. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the company will usher in a more brilliant future.


Let us look forward to next year's annual meeting together and achieve greater success!

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