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Low-altitude economy, that is, various economic activities carried out in low-altitude areas below 1,000 meters, has become a hot topic in the industry in recent years. Low-altitude economy is driven by various manned and unmanned aircraft low-altitude flight activities. It is a comprehensive economic form integrated with related fields. It has the characteristics of long industrial chain, wide coverage, strong growth and strong driving force.


The upstream of the low-altitude economic industrial chain is raw materials and core components, including gyroscopes, etc. The midstream includes sensors for loads, etc., and the downstream focuses on industrial integration.


The market prospects of low-altitude economy are broad. The following areas will become the main driving force for market growth:


UAV smart logistics


The development of low-altitude economy is an accelerator for smart logistics and digital distribution. The ground logistics bears great pressure, and the emergence of low-altitude intelligent network is conducive to the development of low-altitude logistics. By 2035, the output value of CHINA's drone logistics industry alone will exceed one trillion yuan. Low-altitude economy + logistics is a huge development opportunity.


Fire safety "air channel"


The application of drones in emergency rescue is becoming more and more extensive. Some areas have been plagued by fire safety hazards. Firefighting facilities in old residential areas, ancient urban areas, remote mountainous areas and other places are backward. Low-altitude firefighting can bypass complex and congested sections for rescue in the first time, which is far beyond the reach of ground firefighting.


Smart Agriculture


Agriculture is an industry with rapid integration of low-altitude economy. Its important carrier is plant protection drones. Plant protection drones developed earlier in agriculture and are widely used in agriculture and forestry. The combination of the two is conducive to improving refined production and management, and is conducive to the sustainable development of agriculture and rural economy.


Unmanned inspection


With the improvement of living standards, people have begun to explore more novel and interesting tourism and leisure projects. Many people on online social platforms have posted short videos such as "Turkish hot air balloons", "Swiss paragliders", and "New York helicopters", which have stimulated consumers' desires and are conducive to the emergence of domestic "parity" products.


In recent years, the Chinese government has intensively introduced a series of policies aimed at optimizing low-altitude airspace management and promoting the prosperity of general aviation and drone industries. In March 2024, the Chinese government issued its first action plan to accelerate the development of flying cars, aiming to promote economic growth through the development of low-altitude airspace. The plan includes piloting electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in developed regions such as Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.


In addition, according to information disclosed by Yuntu Zhixing, the market size of China's low-altitude economy industry in 2022 is 2.5 trillion yuan. By 2035, the central government expects the industrial scale of the country's low-altitude economy to reach more than 6 trillion yuan.


BWSENSING is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, manufacturing and sales of inertial attitude sensors. It is the gold medal winner of the World Internet of Things Expo, the drafter of national standards, and the governing unit of the Wuxi Internet of Things Industry Association. It has more than 100 related intellectual property rights. BWSENSING's independently developed Beidou integrated navigation system, inertial navigation system, inclination sensor, heading reference system, electronic compass, fiber optic gyroscope and other intelligent sensor products can fully meet the needs of various inertial attitude measurement and high-precision navigation and positioning. The company continues to innovate in the fields of multi-sensor fusion algorithms and hardware design packaging, serving more than 5,000 customers in the fields of intelligent driving, IoT structure monitoring, automation, etc.


Facing the opportunities and challenges brought by the low-altitude economy, as a technological pioneer in the field of inertial sensing, BWSENSING, relying on years of technical accumulation and rich market experience, provides attitude control and reliable core components for positioning and navigation for various low-altitude aircraft on the technical side. These include ultra-small inertial measurement units, high-precision integrated navigation GI320, and small-volume three-axis integrated fiber optic gyroscopes.


Ultra-small inertial measurement unit BW-IMU100S series:


The BW-IMU100S series inertial measurement units are small in size and light in weight, but have high-precision inertial measurement capabilities and can measure the angular velocity and acceleration parameters of the moving carrier. This series of products is particularly suitable for precise navigation and attitude control of drones, and can provide stable and reliable inertial data support in complex environments.


Cost-effective integrated navigation GI320:


GI320 is a cost-effective integrated navigation product launched by BWSENSING. It adopts loosely coupled integrated navigation technology, deeply integrates IMU with RTK solution and observation preprocessing, and can provide real-time high-precision navigation parameters such as position, speed and attitude. This product is suitable for a variety of low-altitude economic application scenarios such as drone logistics and emergency rescue, providing users with economical and practical navigation solutions.


Agilelight-40C three-axis integrated fiber optic gyroscope:


The Agilelight-40C three-axis integrated fiber optic gyroscope inherits the advantages of full digital closed-loop control and WeChat signal related detection technology. Through the miniaturization technology of optical circuit components, the volume is greatly reduced. The power and size are comparable to the mainstream three-axis MEMS gyroscope on the market, and the advantages of good linearity and good temperature environment adaptability of the fiber optic gyroscope are maintained.


The vigorous development of the low-altitude economy is inseparable from technological innovation and policy support. BWSENSING will continue to be committed to the research and development of sensor technology, apply advanced technology to the fields of IoT structure monitoring, intelligent driving and industrial automation, and contribute to the development of the low-altitude economy.

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