Slope monitoring system solution
Slope monitoring system solution

In recent years, with the deterioration of the global environment and climate change, various natural disasters have emerged in China. As a country with frequent geological disasters, China has been a


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The slope of slope is to ensure the stability of the roadbed, and the slope surface of the roadbed has a certain slope, which is a necessary defense infrastructure for many road transportation. The slope rock mass tends to show heterogeneity and anisotropic properties, and it is easy to enter local transient unstable sliding state under the external load, such as excavation, stacking, rainfall and earthquake. So for slope engineering, especially in large complex slope, in addition to conventional engineering geological survey and the stability evaluation, should also be on the dynamic monitoring of slope engineering in a timely and effective manner, to predict the likelihood of slope instability and risk of landslides.

Slope monitoring, instrument observation method is precision instruments such as sensors are used to characterize the deformation of slope surface deep displacement, tilt (settlement) dynamic, relative extensional, change of closure, heavy, and the physical parameters such as sound, stress and strain and to monitor the environmental factors. The content of electronic instrument observation can basically realize continuous observation, automatically collect, store, print and display observation data. Remote wireless transmission is the most basic feature of this method, due to its own degree is high, can be all-weather, continuous observation time, manpower and security, so is the current and the future direction of the development of the landslide monitoring in a period.

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