Automatic Solar Tracking Control System
Automatic Solar Tracking Control System

The automatic solar tracking system is designed to optimize the use of sunlight in the process of light and solar power, to improve the mechanical and electronic control unit and solar tracker.


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Solar-thermal power generation is a much higher threshold than photovoltaic technology and less environmental pollution.It`s the crown jewel of the new energy sector. By 2050, according to the IEA, the world's photovoltaic power generation will be able to operate at 982GW, with China expected to reach 118GW. At present the country "energy" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning of science and technology "has been issued, the first batch of solar-thermal power generation demonstration project, a total of 20, with about 1.35 GW, including nine tower power plant, seven slot power station and 4 Fresnel.

In order to achieve the automatic solar tracking control system, the   Bewis Sensing Technology LLC developed BWM417 Angle sensor, Angle sensor and   mechanical device cooperate to implement the solar tracker, greatly   enhance the efficiency of tracking, and automatically correct implementation   Angle, effectively solve the accumulated error will increase with time change. The Bewis provides   a mature technology solution for the efficient solar auto tracking system.

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