It is imperative for the safety monitoring of building structure deformation Release date:2020-08-18   Browsing volume:678

Chinese ancient buildings have undergone thousands of years of baptism. Wind and rain erosion will inevitably lead to tilt and deformation. In response to the need for structural deformation safety monitoring, real-time comprehensive monitoring and analysis of structures will help improve the quality of ancient buildings. Management efficiency and emergency response level.

At about 9:30 on the morning of August 8, 2020, part of the wall of the Ming Dynasty Qin Palace at the southwest corner of Xi’an New Town Plaza collapsed, and the collapsed part was a new protective external wall masonry built at the Ming Dynasty Qinwang city wall site. The summer in Xi'an was hot and dry. The increase in rain in the past two years has caused the original rammed soil flooding of the walls, and the recent continuous heavy rain eventually led to the collapse.

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The city wall in China is a unique architectural form, often accompanied by the city. In ancient times, there was a saying that the wall was built first and then the city was built. The most basic function of the city wall is defense and flood prevention. Since the beginning of the industrial age, city walls all over the world have suffered unprecedented destruction and even caused large-scale demolition of city walls. At the same time, under the erosion of wind and rain, many wall surfaces fell seriously, causing the walls to collapse.

Our country's understanding and exploration of the modern use value and historical and cultural value of the ancient city has experienced repeated exploration, practice and understanding since the founding of New China. The deformation range of the building structure is very small, and it is difficult to detect by non-professional inspection methods. The traditional manual inspection cycle is long and the error is large, and real-time data cannot be collected. Therefore, it is a very important reality to use automated and professional structural deformation safety monitoring methods to assess the status quo of the structure, predict possible dangers, take corresponding protective measures in advance, stop losses in time.It is of very important practical significance to do a good job in the protection and inheritance of ancient buildings.

In recent years, the high-precision tilt sensor independently developed and produced by Bewis Sensing has been increasingly used in the safety monitoring of structural deformation of ancient buildings, dangerous buildings, bridges, etc.. Providing effective technical support for the automatic monitoring and early warning of building structures. The protection of ancient buildings is of great significance, and it also provides a new scientific method for the protection of cultural relics.

The WM400 wireless inclination sensor independently developed by Bewis Sensing has the highest accuracy of 0.005°, can be used for several years without changing the battery, and has excellent long-term stability. It can remotely monitor and analyze physical characteristics such as uneven settlement and tilting deformation of the foundations of dilapidated houses, ancient buildings, various towers and other structures. It supports two network modes of NB-loT and GSM. The structure data can be uploaded to the cloud through the Narrow Band Internet of Things (NBIoT) or the operator's 2G network. The relevant departments can combine big data analysis to realize the safety monitoring and risk assessment of the deformation of the single and regional structures.

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The protection of ancient buildings should be comprehensively developed from the aspects of testing, prevention, repair, and protection. Do a good job in the comprehensive monitoring and recording of various data such as structures and the environment, establish a hazard warning platform on the basis of monitoring, formulate response measures for various situations, and provide scientific basis and technical guidance for the protection of ancient buildings.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized "strengthening the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage", and must fully implement the concept of "protection first, rescue first, rational utilization, and strengthening management". Inheriting and protecting cultural heritage is the obligation of everyone, and it is the consensus of the whole society, which should be deeply rooted in their hearts. The use of modern intelligent and efficient Internet technology to "extend life" for ancient buildings means that companies should raise their own requirements, insist on innovation, and develop more high, sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies and products "adapted to local conditions".

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