Good News——National important equipment is handed over to BEWIS SENSING again Release date:2021-07-23   Browsing volume:1089

Recently, Wuxi Bewis Sensing Engineering Center customized a model of SGT-320E three-axis speed turntable. On the afternoon of July 20th, 2021, it will be organized by professionals from Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Precision Machinery (hereinafter referred to as 303). It was installed and calibrated in Wuxi Bewis Sensing Engineering Center.



The 303 Institute has formulated inspection procedures applicable to the main technical requirements of the SGT-320E three-axis speed turntable specially developed for Wuxi Bewis Sensing Technology LLC. The inspection procedures are mainly based on the "SGT-320E Three-axis Speed Turntable Technical Agreement" and the National Military Standard GJB801-93 "Main Performance Test Methods of Inertial Technology Test Equipment".



Among them, the "Double Ten" bandwidth requirement of the turntable test system can reach 4 Hz for the outer frame, 6 Hz for the middle frame, and 8 Hz for the inner frame. The three-axis position accuracy can meet the stringent requirements of industry users for accuracy. After the on-site calibration test, the final inner shaft calibration result has an accuracy of 0.6" and a repeatability of 0.1". The rate accuracy has also reached 1*10^ (-5), which is much higher than the index test requirements of inertial navigation components such as gyroscopes and accelerometers on the market. It is ready for Bewis to launch higher-precision inertial attitude sensors in the future.



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